Pocket Meeting Held at Castle Shannon

Castle Shannon, Feb 3. The BCAP pocket meeting for Castle Shannon residents of our community took off at 3:30 and lasted until 6 PM today at Deo Man Thapa’s apartment. Approximately 25 community members of all ages attended the meeting which was moderated by K.N Timsina.

Various topics of concern to the community such as school, cultural issues, health, BCAP’s activities till date, resource issues with BCAP, communication and access to day to day information by our community members and such issues were highlighted by the BCAP’s regular volunteers.

The participants were eager to listen and some were amused by the details of the topics discussed. However, everybody agreed that there are issues in our community that need to be addressed within our own limited resources.

The meeting also touched upon the upcoming mass meeting in downtown at Smithfield Hall where everyone is expected to be present.

The BCAP’s website and weekly bulletin were demonstrated to the meeting attendees and hoped that this would help solve some of the issues in information sharing.

The main speakers in the meeting were KN.Timsina, Rup Pokhrel, Ashok Gurung, Bala Guring and Upendra Dahal.

The participants were highly engaged and meeting closed with the interviews and reactions of some of our members

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