Thanks Giving Party for the Participants and Volunteers.

December 16, 2012. Thanks Giving Party was organized for the particiapants and volunteers who put in their efforts to make the “Bhutanese Annual Musical and Cultural Event 2012” held on November 10, 2012. The program was planned during the first meeting og BCAP Cultural committee about the prigram.

The party was held at St. Annes Church, 400 Hoodridge Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15234. The Party was also attended by ESL students of Castle shannon and Americorps members.

There were about 20 different food items including both Bhutanese and American. BCAP thanks all those who volunteered to make such a wonderful food.

In addition to food, the party was a great fun with Music and dances.

The stills of the event can be found at our Facebook page. (Click Here to view it now). We will also upload the videos of the party at the later dates and post it to our Facebook wall.

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