Bhutanese students and youths meet with Red Cross

Prospect Park, Jan. 19: Approximately 20 students and youths had a brief meeting with local Red Cross volunteer today at 4:30 PM in Prospect Park Family Center. The meeting was arranged by Uma Gautam, the Americorp volunteer in collaboration with BCAP and students from the community.

The Red Cross was led by Pauline & Alicia while the Bhutanese group by Uma Gautam in the presence of senior BCAP members Ashok Gurung, Balaram Gurung and Upendra Dahal. The talking was mostly done by the students and the Red Cross volunteers who answered questions on how to become a Red Cross volunteer and what are its benefits to the students in their career. Above all volunteering is what Red Cross basically depends on to provide its services as a disaster response organization.

The students were enthusiastic to start chapters of their own in the school or even outside school and also take necessary training to be a volunteer. The brochures and folders were handed out to each and every participant and Red ross Representatives present answered all queries very eloquently.

The meeting was a part of BCAP’s efforts to network with local organizations and enlists their support to meet our community goals. The Red Cross Office in Pittsburgh has been very generous and enthusiastic to work with us in future.

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