On the occasion of Vijahya Dashami 2069, Durga Puja is being celebrated in 1551 Bevan Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227. It just for one day hence all are requested to make it today it self.

Bhajan Kirtan will start at 6 pm

May the festival shower the blessing of peace, joy, and prosperity in your life in every way and fills your world of Happiness making your each day a wonderfully Exciting!

Barsha Jewelers – $400.00
Taste of Nepal-$400.00
Mr. Hemraj Mishra $35
Mr.Kishor Pradhan $25
Mr.Narad Phuyel $10
Mr.Padam Mainali $10
Mr.Ashok Gurung and Family $ 21
Mr. R.N. Pokharel $2
Shyam Khanal $21.00
om Chuwan $10.00
Bhola Phuyel $5.00
Damber Timsina $8.00
Khada Koirala $10.00
Laxmi N Timsina $11.00
Narayan Phuyel $10.00
Bhakta M Dhital $$6.00
Bhagawati P Kafley $5.00
Dilli R Timsina $5.00
Yam Khitawada $5.00
Dambari Bista $10.00a
Dom N Dhital $5.00
Radhika Homagain $5.00
Jay Shah(Cricket Mobile) $51.00
T. B Gurung $20.00
Krishna Lal $5.00
Jay N Sharma $5.00
Indra Timsina $5.00
Krishna Bhattarai$6.00
Tulashi Rimal $11.00
Saraswoti Guragain $10.00
Raghunath Pyakurel $5.00
Dhan Chhetri $5.00
Kailash Chhetri $5.00
Krishna Phuyel $5.00
Uma Gautam $5.00
Indra Ghimere $10.00
Rekha Chuwan $5.00
Kul Phuyel $3
Sabitra Phuyel $5
Naina Phuyel $5
KN timsina $25
Dal Gurung $5
Sancha rai $15
Devi Katel $100

All the Veti Contribution for the Puja Ceremony have been included.

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) observed 199th Bhanu Jayanti on the July 14th with different nepali cultural items, poem competetion, free poem recitations and graduate student honoring program.
Many would be coughing with dry throat or fall dehydrated without the water provided by the Sahayogi Haatharu( Helping Hands) Group. Many would yawn continuously in the hall without the spicy musical performances by the United Youth Group, Pittsburgh. The serious and humorous verses recited as fillers appropriately filled the gaps .It wouldn’t be Bhanu Jayanti without the recitation of verses from the Ramayan by Mr. Hem Mishra and the story of pioneer poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya by Mr.Shyam Khanal. The audiences enjoyed the Bhakti song with equal admiration. Students Group of Pittsburgh was a major attraction of the event. Their production is praiseworthy; trailer alone spoke volumes of their hard work and capabilities. The other side of the program: Monetary contributions from Himalaya Grocery, Nepali Bazaar and from the two individuals: Pankaj Lathia and Jaya Shah. BCAP appreciates for their philanthropic move. The MCs – Mr. Tara Phuyal and Ms. Uma Gautam kept the event going smoothly until the end.
Overall, the Bhanu Bhakta Jayanti celebration committee deserves all the credit on the successful completion of the event. None can dream of the success of the program without the sound system. Remarkably, after the program was concluded a group of Nepali laureates gathered for an organized literature activities in the forthcoming days mainly keeping the head office in Pennsylvania.
The program was chaired by Mr.K N Timsina and the Chief guest of the program was Mr.Bhakta Ghimire who hailed from Akron, OH.