Our Work

BCAP was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania in 2012, later obtaining its tax-exempt status in 2014. Our Board of Directors is an inclusive body guided by an external Advisory Board comprised of friends and well-wishers throughout the greater community. BCAP provides services and support to youth, seniors, and families of the Bhutanese community through a variety of programs, including civic education, women’s leadership, youth empowerment and mental health support.

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Current Projects

  • Voice Communication System (VCS)

  • English Language and Civic Education (ELCE)

  • Parent-Child Cultural Club (PCCC)

  • Yoga for Holistic Life

  • BCAP Funeral Fund

  • Youth Activities

  • Career Workshops for Students

  • Community Gardening

  • Leadership Training and Women Empowerment

  • Senior Programming

  • Dance Class

  • Cultural Preservation Events and Celebrations

  • Counseling


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Future Projects

  • Community Hall

  • Drug and Alcohol Education

  • Mental Health(currently a volunteer activity)

  • Parenting Classes

  • Financial Literacy

  • Work and Employment Placement

  • Workers’ Rights Education