Bishnu Timsina

Born and raised in Bhutan, Bishnu Timsina fled her home country and became a refugee in 1992. Prior to coming to the USA, Ms. Timsina worked as an elementary school teacher for 10 years in Kathmandu, Nepal. She lived and worked in the refugee camp from 1993-1996. Ms. Timsina holds Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from India.

She came to the USA in April 2009 to NYC where she lived in the Bronx and worked for the Strawberry Clothing Company. Ms. Timsina and her family relocated to Pittsburgh in December 2009. Ms. Timsina worked for South Hills Interfaith Ministries (SHIM) Early childhood program as an assistant teacher for five years (part-time). She worked especially with pre-school children who were multi-national.

Current Work
Ms. Timsina has worked for Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JF&CS) as a caseworker/interpreter since 2010 to present. She runs office hours in the community, where she helps people with mail, bills etc. and connects them to further resources and services. Ms. Timsina currently coordinates youth programs where she does a number of things:
(1) After-school refugee/immigrant program for Baldwin High School juniors and seniors;
(2) After-school refugee/immigrant/non-refugee for Brashear and Carrick high school students;
(3) “Learn and Earn” summer internship program for county and city youth.
She helps students and parents translate/interpret documents between themselves and their school.