Bhavini Patel

Bhavini is a passionate systems thinker, who thrives on cultivating intimate connections with people of all cultures, backgrounds, and sectors. As a naturally curious person, she persistently asks questions and seeks to solve social problems through direct impact. Her personal narrative stems from the very firm belief that what you say about yourself is just as important as what you do. This has inspired her to strive for a multidisciplinary understanding of the social sciences guided by practical community engagement projects.

She is currently a Masters of Philosophy candidate at the University of Oxford broadening her understanding of international relations. She hopes to spend the following two years learning the political causes of chronic refugee situations and how to engage in long-term solution building. While at Oxford, she remains open for communication on issues that relate to Pittsburgh, specifically pertaining to her ongoing role as CEO/Co-founder of Beamdata and Board Member of Wilkinsburg-based nonprofit Civically Inc.

As a Pittsburgh native and University of Pittsburgh graduate, her experience with local communities has taught her the major themes of globalization are not remote realities confined within their borders—these patterns have local realities. The mindset of a “global thinker” continues to inform her approach to learning about social issues and designing solutions at the community level. After completing her Masters degree, she plans to return to Pittsburgh and leverage her skillsets towards the efficient and effective growth of the city.

Most recently, she was also recognized as a 2018 Western PA Rising Star by Get Involved! Inc. and The Incline’s Who’s Next: Politics 2018.


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