BCAP’s Strategic Plan

BCAP Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Overview of Programs and Services

Voice Communication System (VCS)

Previously funded by Vibrant Pittsburgh and now by the ORR grant, it is regarded as an effective tool of communication within the community. BCAP has the capacity to blast the info through this system to 1000 households about news and events that concern them time and again, such as a death in the community, weather alerts, school delays, other service information, event announcement etc.

English Language & Civic Education (ELCE)

ELCE is a newly designed form of Adult Education Class to prepare students for the Citizenship test. Our classes are running, currently, at 8 different locations. Our classes are designed to be culturally and linguistically appropriate. The instruction takes place in dual language: Nepali and English.

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Parent-Child Cultural Club (PCCC)

BCAP offers Parent-Child Cultural Club (PCCC) classes for our community at our BCAP office every Saturday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. PCCC aims to teach kids the Nepali Language so that they become bilingual and remove, or at least narrow the linguistic and cultural gap between kids and their parents or grandparents. It also facilitates more activities for Parent & Child together.

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Yoga for holistic life

In order to cope with depression, the stress in the families, loneliness and other disoriented tendencies affecting the Bhutanese population across the region, BCAP runs Yoga classes in Carrick and White Hall Place in collaboration with JF&CS.

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Youth Activities
BCAP is taking a great initiative to involve our youths in various activities. The Vice-President and Youth coordinator along with the sports committee and cultural committee coordinate with one another to organize different activities. Some of the activities include sports activities and an annual cultural events. These activities are funded by grants with support from local businesses, individuals, and well-wishers.

Other Activities

  • Career workshops

BCAP has planned to host workshops to middle school and high school students to show them away to a professional career path as well as connect to available resources by working in partnership with different organizations. Our goal is to minimize the number of dropouts from school and increase the number of students pursuing higher education.

  • Community Gardening

BCAP is taking a great initiative to involve our community members in Community gardening by way of supporting the other organizations, bringing in such projects into our community like Grow Pittsburgh, Mt. Oliver Borough, Overbrook Community Council, Carrick Community Council and the City of Pittsburgh. It helps our people to connect with the past and have some kind of emotional satisfaction that comes from the touch of soil, plants, tools, and the joy of seeing their plants grow or bear vegetables in their small gardens. It greatly benefits their physical and mental health.

  • Leadership Training & Empowerment

From time to time, BCAP itself and with partnership host training sessions to our community members. Some training includes leadership training, mental Health training, sports training, drug and alcohol awareness training, and so on. BCAP also works to empower community members by conducting empowerment training sessions.

  • Senior Programming

Our seniors are different in mental outlook than the mainstream seniors due to cultural and social reasons. We have to cater to the needs of the seniors above the age of 50 or 55 and not just over 65 (the legal definition of seniors in America.) Lack of any formal education in their own language makes it challenging for both the seniors as well as the organization to meet their needs. To overcome these challenges, BCAP engages them in various activities.

  • Dance Classes

Starting in 2015, BCAP is running dance classes every Saturday at 2 pm at our BCAP office. Currently, Bhutanese Dance tutors are teaching the students Nepali cultural and commercial steps. In the future, many other forms of dances will be introduced.

  • Cultural Preservation

One of our important goals is to promote and preserve Bhutanese culture and tradition. BCAP has been hosting an Annual Cultural event every year since 2012. This is a way of preserving our culture and teaching our generations about our culture and tradition as well as a way for other communities to know about our community. There are many other ethnic festivals or traditional celebrations that BCAP host. These include Teej, Buddha Jayanti, Durga Puja, Losar, Christmas, etc. In order to showcase our culture, we also attend other Community events where we present our cultural dances, songs, and food booth. We have attended in events like the Carrick Corn Fest, Pop up Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Folk Festival, Hilltop Community day, Universities & Colleges, Centers of Life etc.

  • Counseling

BCAP provides counseling services for vulnerable Bhutanese community members, to support their continued integration into American society and their emotional well-being. We have also expanded our counseling to the families in trauma, depression, mental health, and other issues whenever it is brought to our attention.