Pocket Meeting at Bellevue.

The proposed Informational Meeting for Bellevue people took place as scheduled today the December 22, 2012 from 4:30 PM and continued until 7:00 PM at Tek Rimal’s residence and was attended by 21 people from Bellevue.

Ashok Gurung, Bala Gurung,Uma Gautam and KN Timsina spoke on many issues viz school kids,parents’ responsibilities, ESL and Civic Education,Youths,Health, Social and Cultural Norms,BCAP activities,etc.after Mr Rimal,the host of the meeting, briefed the gathering about what has been done so far and what is being done for the Bhutanese residents of Bellevue.

The meeting also nominated two other representatives to BCAP: Mr Kishan Gurung and Mr Gyan Bahadur Bista.The newest way of mass information being used by BCAP: Weekly Bulletin( a video news) was demonstrated to the people and all were provided with the website where they can go to watch the bulletin.

Bellevue people have requested BCAP for a volunteer to help them with Civic Education/ Citizenship Test Preparation classes.

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