Pittsburgh observes BhutaneseCAP Cultural and Musical Event 2012

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh organized Cultural and Musical event 2012. We had artists from nine different cities.
1. Manchester, New Hampshire Dance Crew 25 in number.
2. Scranton, PA dance crew 8 dancers
3. Arjun Rasaily from Columbus, OH
4. Amber Subba from Akron, OH
5. Folk Singer Hari Poudel from Kentwood, Michigan
6. Gopi Rasaily from Riverdale, Maryland.
7. Ram Gurung and Birkha Guragain from Atlanta, GA
8. The locals and
9. the popular Napali Snger – Aim Baral
We nearly had 1000 audiences. The program started from 6.00 pm and lasted upto 10.30 pm. We found many smiling faces among the audiences that day and felt we did something great. Some of our audiences were a bit over excited and was little more emotional over times.
Singer Aim Baral was very charming and he was very happy to see our Bhutanese Artists performing so beautifully. Time and again he was asking audiences to accompany the local artists saying the real hidden artists were within themselves. He said, “This is the largest number of audiences I ever have performed in front in America”
As said, we Bhutanese Community of Pittsburgh planned to present pure Bhutanese Artists however to make more inclusive we planned to bring renowned Nepali Artists, Aim Baral. Remarkably, Aim Baral was very cooperative, friendly and our children benefitted a lot from him since they were taught the singing techniques by him for hours.
For more details you may visit at www.bhutanesecap.org and our face book page http://www.facebook.com/BhutaneseCAP
Our program was aimed at fund raising for BCAP, bringing Bhutanese artists together and to make our gloomy faces smile.
We had over 25 guests from Different aid agencies.
For Pictures visit: Facebook Album

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