First Inter-Neighborhood Quiz Contest Held for Bhutanese Community Older Adults in Pittsburgh

The Prospect Park team secured the first position in the First Inter-Neighborhood Quiz Contest held for Bhutanese older adults and seniors in Pittsburgh! The quiz questions

focused on US history, geography and civics and the event was held in the Liberty Room of the Allegheny County, Department of Human Services in Downtown Pittsburgh on

April 26, 2015. The Brookline team came in second, and the Carrick team came in third place.


Eight teams from eight different neighborhoods consisting of three members, for a total of 24 people, participated in the contest organized by BCAP. Khara Timsina, BCAP’s

Coordinator for its English Language and Civic Education (ELCE) Project, conceived, planned, and coordinated the contest. The rules for eligibility outlined that each team must

have at least one female participant, one participant over the age of 65, and that every participant must be or forty five years old or older. In addition, no participant could have

already acquired naturalization by the event date. The task of selecting was given to the Tutors and Program Managers at GPLC and BCAP.


The event took place in two shifts, with a refreshment break of twenty minutes in between. Mr. Michael Horvath, the Supervisory Officer from USCIS field office in Pittsburgh

volunteered to become the Quiz Master. The quiz covered speaking, reading and writing skills and had both individual and team rounds. The contest lasted three hours and the

adult-only audience (children under 14 were not encouraged to attend the event) enjoyed their time there, applauding after each correct answer the contestants gave. At the end,

the winners were determined by the total points each team scored. Each contestant of the first three winning teams were given prizes and certificates of position while the rest

were given certificates of participation.


The event was sponsored by the highly enthusiastic and supportive Bhutanese store and restaurant owners in the south hills, covering the cost of the certificates, prizes and

refreshments. The purpose of the event was to prepare the adults with limited or no English for the Naturalization Test in a fun-filled way, to provide these adults to be on stage

for the first time, and boost their confidence in their learning efforts late in life.

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