Ex Team Members

Kunti Gurung

Administrative Assistant

Kunti Gurung is serving as an Administrative assistant for BCAP. She is a part time employee for BCAP. She works from 9 am to 1 pm during her work days. Currently She also runs Parent Child Class every Saturday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Tek Rimal

Ex-Vice President

Ex. Vice President Tek Rimal have been volunteering for BCAP since the beginning. He also served as the vice president of Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh for a while. He is a great person and works for the betterment of the community selfles


INTRODUCTION: Pradeep Rai has been an active volunteer of BCAP since 2012. He served as a treasurer of the community handling origination’s financial transactions as and when needed. Currently, he is employed by BCAP as a Finance Officer. He works

Ashok Gurung


Introduction Ashok Gurung is one of the active volunteers of Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh(BCAP). He was also in the Board of Directors since BCAP’s inception and an elected chairperson in the board of directors. He is currently the stu

Narayan Subedi

Americorps Vista Member

Introduction Narayan Subedi is an AmeriCorps VISTA representative for Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP). Born and raised in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal, Mr. Subedi resettled in the United States of America in the month of February

Biswas Gurung (Balaram Gurung)

Ex- Outreach Manager

INTRODUCTION Balaram Gurung has been the active volunteer with Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) since his arrival in 2010. He is currently employed full time as Outreach Manager. He handles all BCAP cultural & Musical events. He al

Tek Mishra

Volunteer Coordinator

INTRODUCETION Tek Mishra is volunteer coordinator for Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh(BCAP). He has been volunteering to serve the community in various ways in need soon after moving to Pittsburgh from California. He has Bachelor Degree spec