Community Information Meeting in Leland Point

BCAP began its three-month long Community Information Meeting for nine different neighborhoods. The first one was for Leland Point.

The meeting is aimed at sharing information to the community on different aspects of life, primarily focusing on BCAP’s projects, education and mental health. It also tries to get feedback from the community and hear their questions and concerns.

Moderated by Mr. Khara Timsina, the meeting was attended by fifty (56) residents from the neighborhood in the hall of Baldwin United Presbyterian Church at 209 Knoedler Rd in Baldwin.

The meeting began at 3:30 PM and closed at 5:30 PM on Saturday, January 16,2016.  Mr. Upendra Dahal, ORR Project Director and BCAP’s Secretary spoke on BCAP’s projects in hand.

Ms. Bishnu Timsina, one of the Board of Directors (BODs), spoke on the school rules, children’s  academic and performances and parents’ responsibilities. She stressed on the importance of attending meetings schools hold for parents. She also focused on how Bhutanese Americans in Pittsburgh better adjust with the local communities.

Mr. Rup Pokhrel, BCAP’s President highlighted the birth of BCAP and its objectives while detailing on the BCAP’s Funeral Fund.

Mr. Ashok Gurung, another member on the BODs presented data from researches and over all situation on the Mental Health Issues in Bhutanese community in Pittsburgh and in the US in general.

Ms. Kunti Gurung, Administrative Officer at BCAP and Mr. Narayan Subedi Vista AmeriCorp Volunteer for BCAP provided clerical support at the meeting.

Mr. Balaram Gurung, the Outreach Manager assisted on the technical/technological part.

There was a Q-A session where attendees asked questions.


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