Pocket Meeting at Propect Park and Mt. Oliver.

General Meeting was held in Baldwin Whitehall Library today in two Phases. First Phases started at 10:30 am till 12:00 and second phase started 12:30 till 2:30 pm. About 50 peoples were present in the meeting. The meeting was very informative on many topics covering, School(Head start, Elementary, Middle School and High School), Integration to the mainstream society, Community Disciplines, Youths and Students, Housing, Updates about BCAP etc. Question answer session were done at the end of the meeting.

Everyone was exited to hear about a lot of useful information. Main focus of the meeting was to address our population to be friendy to the neighbor in response to possible disturbance to the neighbors unknowingly.

Same day another meeting of the current members was help in Mt.Oliver. The meeting was focussed in finding a date for mass meeting and build a new office bearers for BCAP. Everyone suggested a pocket meeting at all the 16 locations where our populations are settled.

Another purpose was to distribute the workloads to follow up with different Advisors.

The tentative dates and times for the different locations were set as follows. More details and any changes on the time and venue will be updated.

December 29, 2012(Carrick+Brentwood)-(12-2pm)=Oasis coffee center, 1912 Brownsville Road
December 29, 2012(Mt Oliver)-(9:30-11:30)=500 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
December 22, 2012(Belleview)-4:30pm=Belleview
January 5, 2013(Greentree)=venue and time is not fixed yet
January 12, 2013(Leland Point)=venue and time is not fixed yet
January 20, 2013(Sewickley)=venue and time is not fixed yet
January 26, 2012(Sharpsburgh)=venue and time is not fixed yet
Castle Shannon-not fixed yet

Mass meeting will be fixed either for Feb 17 or Feb 24 as per the availability of the hall. It will be notified when fixed.

We have discussed about speding 2 hours a week for our community. It was a long discussion about what we have done so far, and our advisory members who have decided to help our community in different ways. Looking forward if anyone can come to voluteer to follow up with any of these advisory member as of your interes