Bhutanese Girls Empowerment Workshop

This training aims to provide girls with an understanding of their potential as a leader in a family, school, and community. It will provide a range of skills to enable them to undertake positive and ethical leadership roles in our communities.

(Breakfast & Lunch Provided)



Bishnu Timsina:

Bishnu Timsina is a women leader and an influential person in Bhutanese community. She was born and raised in Bhutan, Ms. Timsina fled her home country and became a refugee in 1992. Prior to coming to the USA, she worked as an elementary school teacher for 10 years in Kathmandu Nepal. She lived and worked in the refugee camp from 1993- 1996. Ms. Timsina holds Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from India. She came to the USA in April 2009 to NYC where she lived in the Bronx and worked for the Strawberry Clothing Company. Ms. Timsina and her family relocated to Pittsburgh in December 2009. Ms. Timsina worked for South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) for 5 years where she worked especially with multi-national pre-school children. Since 2010, She has also been working with Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JF&CS) as case worker. She coordinates youth programs including after-school refugee/immigrants program for Baldwin, Brashear and Carrick high school students.


Marina Duane:

Marina Duane is a native of Ukraine who moved to the United States in 2009. Growing up in a country that transitioned to independency, Ms. Duane has seen many transformational changes. Her Ukrainian identity was cultivated through years of dedication to national folk dancing, vibrant community and traditions, and meaningful friendships. As much as Ms. Duane loves her home country, she also likes to travel and share her culture with people from other places. Starting at the age of 13, Ms. Duane traveled to Eastern and Western Europe and visited the United States a few times. Eventually Ms. Duane ended up moving to the United States. Upon arrival, she worked and lived in South Bend, Indiana. In 2011, she moved to Pittsburgh to receive her Masters in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. She likes living in Pittsburgh. While the city still has ways to go to become more immigrant friendly, it has recently made significant strides in that regard. Ms. Duane proudly serves vulnerable communities by working at the Department of Human Services. She stays close with her family back in Ukraine and loves her small family composed of husband and two cats here in the United States.

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