BCAP’s holds its Third Advisory Board’s Meeting on June 17, 2015

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) held its third Advisory Board Meeting in DHS hall, downtown on June 17, 2015 to update the Advisory Board about the current projects and community situation. This meeting came as part of the mandatory requirement to hold the Advisory Group meeting twice a year based on our funder’s request.

Kishor Pradhan, ex-President and current board member, opened the session with welcome message and moved the meeting ahead. The meeting was structured in a way for the presenters to highlight the key achievements, failures, difficulties and community issues that our people are facing in some neighborhoods. Rup Pokharel, President, highlighted in detail about the current projects funded by Office of Refugee Resettlement, Jefferson Regional Foundation and self-funded projects or projects running without any financial component and are purely done on a voluntary basis. Upendra Dahal highlighted about challenges, hurdles and community issues with emphasis on internal fund-raising success and weaknesses.  Sancha Rai, Board Chairman, briefed the board on organizational restructuring, election of key positions on June 27th and asked for Advisory Board’s advice on how to move ahead with the new Board that will be restructured by the end of this year. He emphasized the need for BCAP to be more inclusive and make it a mainstream not-for-profit organization with a new vision and efficiency that comes with a resourceful Board.

The third part of the session was a QA session and was moderated by Mrs. Bishnu Timsina. The advisers were asked to provide inputs and comments on key issues such as Community Hall, fundraising and issues of public safety and such.  BCAP highly values the opinion and advice of our advisers who have helped bring the organization to this level of achievement. All the advisory board members provided thoughtful suggestions and recommendations that would become a part of BCAP’s future strategy.

The pot-luck by BCAP board members and staff was a key difference this time. Balaram Gurung, Outreach Manager, thanked the advisers for their continued support to the organization and our community and wrapped up the meeting.

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