BCAP acquires 501(c)3 status

August 28, 2014

BCAP has been determined a tax exempt entity under 501(C) 3 by the IRS dated Aug 28th. What a great relief after all that nerve wracking work from many volunteers and that unflinching support from our partners! Upendra Dahal and Ashok Gurung had been working on these for a long time, in addition to their work on the Grant application.

Read on how BCAP filed for the status earlier.

Initially at the time of incorporation, BCAP didn’t file for the tax exempt status. We had to later file the tax exempt status and expedite it along with the grant application since it was a pre-requisite for a federal grant. Now that BCAP has received tax exempt status, Board of Directors, Executive Body, Advisory Board, and a team of project staff headed by a Project Director. We have the widest network with the partner agencies, veteran civil servants, professors, legal and financial experts and political figures in our network of collaborative partners. BCAP is now fast moving towards a service agency model rather than a community organizational model.

Please visit us back to see updates on the Grant proposals.

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