BCAP has recently celebrated one of the biggest women festivals of the year. Women’s special day “TEEJ” was successfully observed at the Clairton Park on September 2nd, 2019. Teej is celebrated by Nepali women, as well as girls without eating anything or even drinking water. Married women fast for the long life of her husband and for a happy relationship in the family. Teej is a vibrant festival that has been more popular since the start of this festival, however, in these recent years, this festival has influenced many Nepali women residing all over the world. Women in red attire sing and dance, going to temple in the holy and fasting mood. Usually, women get called or collected by their parents or brothers, where she celebrates Teej with rest of the family members and siblings. BCAP expected the attendants this year of  300 and more. We were joined by a large number of Nepali speaking Bhutanese community members, mainstream community members, wellwishers, and BCAP staff.  Elderly seniors were recognized and appreciated at the event.

This fundraising opportunity has been solely initiated by our community youth to support their amazing “Travel Soccer Program.” Please consider contributing to this great cause. We’ve had multiple suicidal cases along with increasing school dropouts, drugs and alcohol cases over the years. A program like these help reduces such cases as they will have a support system all year long. Please consider investing in our community youth, they are our future leaders.


Our office has moved to a new location.

New Address: 3000 Brownsville Rd, Suite C, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Durga Upreti @ DMK Furniture Outlet for giving space to store our truck full of stuff for a year. Also, for using his own truck, driving it, and loading and unloading in BCAP’s new office location.
Thank you to these volunteers too, for coming out of their comfort zone, in the cold weather and helping us in the moving. Tek Nepal, Madhu Phuyel, Dhan B Rai, Mon. B Biswa, Suk Rai, Christine Bethea and Upendra Dahal.

Bhutanese youth leaders have recently coordinated and completed Futsal tryout session for the Futsal League with CitiSports in Pittsburgh. Youth leaders, players, and volunteers in this process thanks to its sponsors Bhagawat Phuyel and Neoly Home Care, LLC. The league starts in January 2019 and runs till mid-March 2019. High school players from the community will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents while making connections with mainstream fellow players and communities. There were players from six (6) different high schools who came and participated for the tryout. Special thanks to these leaders: Coach Kamal Subba, Coach Kushal Rai, Coach Sushan Rai, Ago Gurung, Bhim Subedi, Pradeep Rai, Kewal Khadka, Durga Upreti, and Suraj Nepal.

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh is organizing Teez Women festival during the Teez week at Saint Anne School at Castle Shannon. The event is for everyone who are interested. There will be free dance, so whoever wants to bring their talent to the stage,  this is the chance. Also free food will be available. 

The address for the venue is

Saint Anne School, Castle Shannon
4040 Willow Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15234
Saturday, August 19, 2017
The event will start from 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

1. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, Washington, DC.
2. Jefferson Regional Foundation, 565 Coal Valley Road, Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
3. Vibrant Pittsburgh, 707 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
4. Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, 234 McKee Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile[/quote]

The welcoming city of Pittsburgh received its first refugees from Bhutan in April 2008. The number increased by hundreds and thousands in subsequent years. The topography, friendly neighborhood, job opportunities, and affordable housing attracted many additional Bhutanese refugees resettled in other states and cities to migrate to Pittsburgh as well. However, the vast transition to a new country– new lifestyles, new rules and regulations to cope with, language, and cultural shock- posed challenges for many individuals. Cases of mental health problems began to rise. Thus, some like-minded volunteers started meeting, discussing and finding ways to alleviate post-resettlement sufferings of the community members.
During these meetings, the need for a community organization was identified. Thus, the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2012 with the mission of ensuring a “high quality of life for all members of the Bhutanese community in Pittsburgh and to support their integration into American society through culturally-informed services and activities.” The organization became a registered 501(c)(3) in 2014.
BCAP now has its own rented office, a team of paid staff and runs more than a dozen projects benefiting women, children, and seniors. It has organized youth and students’ group to engage young people in the areas of sports, cultural activities, and to manage community activities.
BCAP is an open and inclusive organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating our Bhutanese and ethnic Nepali culture and traditions, as well as strengthening the community and its members. Our staff and volunteers are committed to helping the most vulnerable in the community overcome daily challenges as they navigate their new life in America, so that they may become active and productive citizens.
BCAP is fortunate to have highly resourceful, friendly and dedicated professionals from the local community as its valued advisers and board members. It has greatly increased our presence in the region as a ‘voice of the community’ and helped develop connections with local resources, service providers and other communities in Allegheny County.
I find myself privileged to be serving this community in an effort to make a difference in the lives of my fellow community members, working alongside a team of highly determined and selfless volunteers, board members and staff. The sense of belonging, belief in ‘unity in diversity,’ and spirit of teamwork has always been the guiding principle of BCAP
We welcome and invite any local foundations, agencies or community organizations to partner with BCAP.